You are so much more than “just mom.

As a mom it’s easy to start to lose focus of who you really are, and convince yourself that you’re “just a mom”.

There is no such thing as “just a mom”. Moms are so much more than JUST moms.

As a mother, you are a…

  • chef
  • housekeeper
  • cleaning service
  • nurse
  • counsellor
  • mentor
  • leader
  • encourager
  • chauffeur
  • personal assistant
  • laundry-doer
  • coach
  • planner
  • secretary
  • organizer
  • entertainer
  • financial planner
  • stylist
  • handyman
  • rule-maker (& sometimes breaker)
  • sleep-training enthusiast
  • potty motivator
  • multitasker
  • translator
  • bargain hunter
  • encyclopedia
  • lifeguard

And you do it all… for free.

Mothers are priceless, and my hopes are that together we can dig deep and start to find your worth again and remember that what you do is important – your little people would be so lost without you.

You ARE a good mom

(and you’re so much more than “just mom”)