Inside: 73 Unique Gift Ideas for Babies – the Ultimate Baby Gift Guide

Trying to think of gift ideas for babies isn’t always an easy task, so we tackled it for you. We searched high and low to find the very best gifts for babies under 1 year old.

With this massive and comprehensive gift guide for babies that is divided up by age groups, you should be able to find what you’re looking for… and then some.


Gift ideas for babies 

Coming up with gift ideas for infants up to toddlers is difficult. Trust me, with my own baby and 9 nieces and nephews 6 and under, I know how hard it can be. It feels like I’m gift shopping every month to find that perfect baby gift.

When shopping for gifts for kids, you want to get something unique, something they don’t already have, something fun, but also something useful, and to top it all off, you don’t want it to be something super annoying for the parents (this tick-tock clock, anyone?).

My husband insisted that we get each of our nieces and nephews this clock a while back. And they LOVED it. It was the best gift for kids. However, it wasn’t such an awesome gift for the parents… and somehow that clock ended up being regifted and now resides in our house. 

So I know the irritation of painfully repetitive and loud toys that kids love.

Which is why I set out to find the best gifts for babies and kids that the kids will like, and the parents won’t get annoyed by.

Whether you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or friend of a new baby, here are the best gifts for baby all the way from newborn gifts to gifts for 1 year olds.

What do you put in a baby gift?

So, you don’t want annoying toys, and you don’t want to get toys they already have… so what makes a good baby gift?

Here are a few guidelines I go off of when shopping for gifts for kids…

  • Educational
  • Something they can wear
  • Something they won’t get bored of after two days
  • Something that challenges them
  • Something that will last

Of course, not every gift I buy meets all these requirements, but I try to make sure at least a couple of the requirements are met when shopping for baby gifts.

Because, as a parent, I know how annoying it can be to get useless gift after gift after gift for my children. Kids can only have so many toys. 

Studies have shown that more toys = less play. (Source

Which is why I’ve made it my goal to not just get “fun” gifts. I want to get gifts that are so much more than toys. Gifts that won’t just get lost in the piles of clutter and chaos around the home.

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Okay, let’s get to the baby gift guide:

Gifts for newborns (0-3 months)

“What should I buy for a newborn baby?”

At this age and stage in a baby’s life they won’t be doing a whole lot of playing. These gifts will be more gifts for parents of babies. Something useful, something that will make their life easier, and even something for baby to enjoy, despite the fact that they won’t be playing much yet. If you’ve wondered what is a good gift for a newborn baby, here’s the ultimate newborn baby gift idea guide. These are the best gift for baby, in our opinion…

Baby Bible

It’s never too early to start reading to baby, which makes the Baby Bible a perfect gift. My husband and I got gifted this specific awesome kids Bible when our son was just a month old and we started reading it to him immediately and have continued to ever since.

Baby clothes

Anything from onesies to sleep sacks to little scratch mitts that actually stay on their hands, babies always need clothes. Here are my top picks for baby clothes to buy as gifts:

  • Toque
  • Onesie pajamas
  • Sweater vest
  • Sleep sack (our son always kicked his blankets off, so we used this sleep sack to keep him warm at night)
  • Booties
  • Sun hat
  • Baby sunglasses
  • Formal wear


Diapers aren’t a “fun gift”, per se, but if you’re shopping for a gift for new parents diapers are always needed.

Toy bin

I love how stylish this toy bin is, and that it keeps all the toys organized in one area so the house doesn’t look messy, but they’re easy enough to get at.

Bath kits

I received one of these bath kits when my son was a newborn and I loved it. I especially loved that it came with these wipes for the nights when we didn’t have time to bath him, at least we could give his body a quick wipe-down.

Baby bath mitt

Bath mitts are so versatile – from something to wash them with, to a toy, to something to chew on in case those teeth start trying to peek out early.

Pipsquigz fat brain

These fat brain toys are a winner for babies. They’re soft silicone which makes them an ideal candidate for chewing on, plus they suction cup to surfaces so baby can’t just throw them to the ground then cry until mom comes and picks it up.

Car seat wrap

If you live somewhere that it gets cold, these car seat wraps are awesome. Since you can’t dress baby in a jacket or a snowsuit while in the car seat – for safety reasons – this wrap goes right into your car seat before your baby, then wraps around them to keep them warm on cold winter days.

Bandana drool catchers

Some babies tend to spit up a lot in their first few months, which is a pain for parents because they have to constantly be changing baby’s outfits several times a day. These drool catchers work to keep the drool off the baby’s clothes so all you have to do is switch out the bib when it gets saturated and put a new one on – not the whole outfit. Plus they’re crazy stylish.

Milestone Blocks

Babies grow up fast, which makes these milestone savers the perfect gift to help parents remember each new stage by taking a cute picture with these blocks.

White noise machine

White noise machines are said to help babies sleep better by mimicking the sounds that babies hear in the womb. So really, you’re giving the gift of sleep, and to new parents, that’s the greatest gift of all.

Baby book

Gifting a baby book helps parents capture moments and turn them into memories by recording each milestone along with a collection of pictures of baby’s first few years.

Rubber duck temperature gauge

Bathing a newborn is one of the most unnerving things a new parent can do. You worry about everything from how often to bathe them to wondering whether the water temperature is too hot or too cold. This duck gauges the water temperature to give new parents peace of mind and help them get the perfect bath for their babes (and it doubles as a bath toy).

Cuddle + Kind

These are perfect for babies starting from newborns, but it’s in this age range that your baby will really start to appreciate this stuffy. My son has one of these, and he’s crazy about it. My favorite thing about Cuddle + Kind is that for every doll purchased, Cute + Kind will donate 10 meals to children in need. 

Bottle warmer

These warmers quickly heat up milk, rather than having to wait for the kettle to boil, then slowly heat up milk with a screaming infant in tow.

Letters to my baby

This is the perfect gift for parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or godparents to give to a new little one. It’s a special, thoughtful gift that they will treasure well into their adult life.


Boppy’s can be used as nursing pillows, a newborn lounger, or a pillow to sit on for new moms who are recovering from delivery. I used my Boppy ALL the time up until my son was about 6 months old (and I still used it from time to time after that).

Soothie Snuggle

These pacifiers are easy for babies to hold themselves and though they won’t be able to put the pacifier back in their own mouth when they’re newborn, as they get older (around 3 + months), these pacifiers make it easy for them to reinsert on their own.

Baby memory keepsake

Remember how tiny your baby’s fingers and toes were all while displaying them in an adorable way.

Hooded towel

Hooded towels are a bathtime must-have. They keep their head warm while wrapping them up when they come out of the warm bath. Plus the design is just adorable.

Muslin blanket

These muslin blankets are big, adorable, and incredibly soft. I had a handful of muslin blankets when my son was newborn and loved them.

Zutano Slippers

These slippers are awesome for newborns all the way up to when they’re learning how to walk. I love them because they don’t fall off like other slippers do, and they go nice and high on the ankle.

Rocking chair

These baby rocking chairs are awesome. When baby is young, they will lay in here for hours. Then, as they get older they’ll start to play with the toys and rock themselves.

Gifts for babies 3 – 6 months

Rattle ‘n Rock maracas

These maracas make noise, have a soft end to prevent injuries, are easy to hold, and are enticing to chew on – the perfect gift for babies learning to play. One review even said the rattle is a perfect noise level – not so quiet that it can’t be heard, but also not too loud as to startle the baby.


These are brilliant. They don’t hurt to get hit with, they’re easy for baby fingers to grip, and some of them even make noise (depending on the particular kind you get). 

My son has a regular old Oball, and he also has an Oball car which has been one of his favorite toys from about 3 months on.


Helps baby fall asleep faster and stay in their crib longer.

Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads

This moosical cow plays music, talks, and sings, and is small enough that it can be packed in a diaper bag (which is SO handy).

Play gym

This is the perfect gift for the baby who is just discovering shapes, colors, and sounds. This mat is also ideal for tummy time with all the toys and things to look at not only at the top, but also on the bottom of the mat.

Teething toys

This particular kind of teething toy is my favorite. We have several different ones, but I can actually clip this one to my son’s shirt so he can’t throw it on the ground and cry until I grab it for him. Instead, when he tries to throw it away, it stays clipped on his arm so he can easily grab it without needing help.

Soft books

At this age and stage, babies will be learning all about their hand/eye coordination – which means things aren’t always smooth and don’t always go where they want them too. My son used to hit himself in the head a lot when trying to bring a toy to his mouth to suck on, but not being able to use his depth perception. These soft books are great toys since they make noise, encourage babies to flip pages, and they won’t get hurt if they bonk themselves in the head with the book.

Sit to Stand walker

My son has a walker similar to this one and he absolutely loves it. Before he was even interested in walking, he would sit in front of it for ages simply listening to the noises and playing with all the flaps. Then, as he got older he started using it as a walker and would spend time sitting and playing with it. It’s a very versatile gift.

Snuggle pod

This is great for when babies get to the age and stage of wanting to put toys into things, and take them back out. They can stuff their doll – or other toys – into its little pod and take it out time and time again without getting sick of it. 

Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether

Winkel toys are awesome… this one is a big hit for my son since it rattles and acts as a teether. Plus, they’re easy for little hands to hold, which makes them the perfect toys for babies.


This silicone teether has bristles on the end which provide extra comfort for sore gums. It’s also the perfect size for little hands to hold.

Sea Dreams Crip Toy

You may see a common trend happening – gifts that help babies sleep are the ultimate gift for babies that keep. on. giving. (Seriously, parents will love you if you can do something to make their babe sleep better.)

Sassy developmental bumpy ball

Soft, super easy to hold, and has multiple textures to feel. Babies love playing with these bumpy balls because there’s so many different things to look at and touch – they’re also the perfect developmental toy to help babies learn how to pass things from one hand to the other.

Meiya the Mouse soft teether

My son has this teether, only the elephant one, and it went from being a snuggly toy for my son to his favorite teether once his teeth started coming in. It’s easy to hold and the big soft rubber ears and make great things to chew on.

Lamaze Mortimer Moose

Speaking of things to chew on… this moose has endless opportunities of things to chew on, along with a soft body and bright colors.

Floor mirror

Babies love looking at themselves, which makes this floor mirror the perfect gift for babies – because now mom can get a break from holding her baby in front of a mirror for what feels like forever. (My son loves looking in mirrors. I just wish I had bought this floor mirror back when I spent ages holding him in front of the bathroom mirror.)

Kick-N-Play piano gym

The PERFECT contender for making tummy time fun. It makes music, has bright colors, and is something that will finally make tummy time fun.

Cuddle + Kind

These are perfect for babies starting from newborns, but it’s in this age range that your baby will really start to appreciate this stuffy. My son has one of these, and he’s crazy about it. My favorite thing about Cuddle + Kind is that for every doll purchased, Cute + Kind will donate 10 meals to children in need. 

Jolly Jumper

This was my saving grace when my son was young. He would spend up to 40 minutes in it, just jumping around. Which gave me time to make dinner, clean up, or put some clothes on that weren’t covered in spit-up. If you get this Jolly Jumper, I highly recommend getting this musical mat to go with it. 

Sophie the Giraffe

With its soft rubber and endless opportunity of things to chew on, Sophie the giraffe is one of the most popular teethers and toys out there.

Wooden & Silicone teether

With two vastly different materials to chew on, babies love the relief for sore gums they get when chewing on the wooden portion, and the silicone balls are bright colors.

Gifts for babies 6 – 12 months

That’s not my book

All of my nieces and nephews LOVE this collection of books. The books are funny for them, encourage them to interact, and keep them interested long enough to sit through an entire book (or seven).

Fat brain tobbles

Babies will love balancing, stacking, spinning, chewing on, or hitting together these neat spheres.

Band kit

This isn’t the best gift for parents… but the kids will love you. It’s not just one toy that makes noise… it’s an entire band for the babies to play with.

Soft blocks

These blocks help your baby match and learn colors and build castles. They’re quiet and won’t cause damage to walls or siblings when thrown down the staircase.

Toothbrush teether

This teether is fun to play with, easy to hold, and offers relief to sore gums. On top of all that, it helps create healthy dental hygiene from a young age.

Bath toys

Bath toys make bathtime even more fun. The great thing is with these toys, you don’t need a bathtub full of toys. Baby will be happy with just a few of these fun toys.

Water table

Outdoor toys are my favorite toys for kids, they encourage play, being outdoors, and being active. 

Memory games

Kids love games, and memory games are the perfect thing for play and a bit of a challenge.

Fisher price stackables

These stacking toys are AWESOME for kids from three months up, though kids in the 6 – 12 month range will get the proper use out of this toy. Younger babies enjoy playing with the rings and looking at the colors, older babies enjoy the challenge of stacking them in the correct order.

Stack & Roll Cups

These stacking cups are a fantastic toy for babies. They are some of the simplest toys we have for our son, but they are one of his favorite toys to play with.

Radio flyer wagon

We have this wagon for our son, and he loves it. There’s room to play, and the seats can lay down to make a bed for baby.

Musical table

Kids love this table, it has buttons to push, plays music and lights up. And it’s an especially great gift for when baby is learning how to stand. 

Sorting ball

Tupperware makes neat baby toys, and this sorting ball is no exception. Kids love it and it’s one of the best toys for 1 year olds.

Camping chair

Every kid needs a chair of their own – plus, it’s not just for camping. It can also be put out in the backyard or on the deck to be played with.


Helps baby fall asleep faster and stay in their crib longer.

Nuby snack keeper

These snack keepers are great – they keep the snacks contained, even if the container gets thrown to the floor, yet it’s simple enough that your little one can still fit their hand into the container and grab their own snacks.

Outdoor wagon

I love outdoor toys, and this one would be especially perfect for beach days – instead of packing your toddler’s toys to the beach for them, have them pull their toys in the wagon.

Growth chart

This isn’t only a fun activity for kids (to eagerly check how much they’ve grown every day), but also a meaningful keepsake for parents to look back on one day.

Play tent

Babies can use this tent right in the living room (instead of grabbing all the couch cushions to build their own tent) and go pretend camping.

Drum set

Okay… I know we were kind of steering away from noisy toys… but some are just too cute. And hey, it’s better than having a child beating up on the walls or kitchen table. Now they can hit their drum set.

Indestructible nursery rhyme books

Babies absolutely love to stick everything and anything into their mouths. Especially books. Which is why these indestructible baby books are such a great gift idea – because they won’t get wrecked within the first two days. (And what baby doesn’t love nursery rhymes?)

Crawl tunnel

Babies love the bright colors of these tunnels and as they get older enjoy crawling through them, rolling them around, and jumping on top of them.

Wooden Activity table

Old-fashioned sensory toys that are fantastic for children’s development.

Edushape sensory ball

These are small enough for little hands to grab but not so small that they pose a choking hazard. Babies also love the feeling of the spikes on their fingers and tongue.

Rainbow stacker

Before they can stack this is a fantastic toy to hit together and just play with. After they start grasping stacking objects by size, they’ll be able to practice their stacking skills to create a rainbow.

Little People Farm

My son started playing with our little people farm playset when he was 8 months old and he absolutely LOVES it. My only regret? That I didn’t pull it out sooner. He loves all the different animals and pushing the barn over, then pulling it back upright again. These are the PERFECT 1 year old toys.

Bath toys

You don’t need anything over complicated when it comes to bath toys. Kids have a way of making just about anything into a bath toy. We don’t have any “bath specific toys” out yet, all we use during bathtime are these nesting cups. My son loves them – in the bath or out.

Rocking horse

This will be for babies on the older end of the spectrum – likely 12 months and up – and it makes a fantastic playtoy.

Cuddle + Kind

These are perfect for babies starting from newborns, but it’s in this age range that your baby will really start to appreciate this stuffy. My son has one of these, and he’s crazy about it. My favorite thing about Cuddle + Kind is that for every doll purchased, Cute + Kind will donate 10 meals to children in need. 

How much should I spend on a baby gift?

The amount that you spend on a baby gift completely depends on how much you want to spend. It’s your money. You get to call the shots. However, that doesn’t mean knowing what is the best gift for babies comes easily, so we’ve chosen our very favorite affordable baby gifts for each age range for you to look through below.

If you don’t want to spend too much, but still want to give an awesome gift, here are the best affordable baby gifts for each age range:

  • Newborn: At this age, we believe it’s best to get a gift more for the parents, since all baby wants right now is cuddles, to eat, and to sleep. This affordable milestone blanket is the perfect gift for newborns.
  • 3 – 6 months: At this age, baby is starting to explore the world more and learn how to use her hands to pick objects up. Which is why the classic Oball or these nesting cups are our frugal baby gifts of choice.
  • 6 – 12 months: If you’re wondering what are good gifts for a 1 year old, we think the crawl tunnel is something babies from 6 – 12+ months would love. Babies this age love to explore, test the limits, and learn every new thing possible. And, since this tunnel can be used for so much more than just a tunnel, it makes the perfect gift. 

What is the best gift for baby boy?

At this age, babies seem to enjoy the same toys, regardless of whether they’re “boy toys” or “girl toys”. The best gift for a baby boy and the best gift for newborn baby girl could be the exact same gift, or complete opposite gifts.

Here’s our top pick for the best gift for a baby boy:

Although baby boys particularly love this gift, it’s also a top pick for baby girls, too, because what kid doesn’t love making a ton of noise?

Meaningful & Useful Gift Ideas for Babies

So there you have it, the best gifts for babies under 1 year.

What’s on your unique gift ideas for babies list, did we miss a necessity that you believe every baby should have?

Whether you’re looking for the best first Christmas gift idea, a first birthday present, or a “welcome to the world” gift, we’ve got you covered.

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